We are a counselling and personal development service offering counselling and workshops to clients located not only within the Cairns region, but throughout Australia and internationally.

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To make a booking please phone Donna on ​0414 480 934

We offer our clients a variety of services such as child and adolescent counselling, family and relationship counselling and parenting skills courses.  In addition, we also offer a range of personal development workshops and programs that can be held our Cairns rooms or at a mutually suitable location, including in-school workshops and corporate programs.

We utilise a range of modalities in our practice including, but not limited to, Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work,  Clay Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Expressive Therapies and  Initiatic Art Therapy.  Some or all of these modalities may be used dependant on each individual's needs.  

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with outcome based therapies and programs to assist them in leading fulfilled lives.  Everyone deserves the chance to live an amazing life. Our job is to empower our clients with the tools necessary to do so.​

Art Therapy

​Art Therapy has been used in many forms throughout the years as a tool to allow clients to express themselves through artistic means rather than having to voice their feelings and thoughts.  It is particularly helpful when working with adults and children who have been affected by trauma.

​Art Therapy allows clients to share their responses to traumatic events without having to verbalise them. As a client begins to share their thoughts and feelings through their art, the therapist gains clear insight into what it is that the client is dealing with and this allows for interaction with the client in a gentle, yet insightful way. 

With this valuable insight the therapist has is then able to work closely with the client to ensure a successful therapy outcome.  

Art Therapy is for all ages and abilities and has been shown to be extremely effected when dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Clay Field Therapy

This type of therapy assists clients to release imprinted thoughts and feelings relating to trauma and is also useful in supporting children and adults with behavioural disorders such as ADD, ADHD and Autism.

Use of the clay field involves a large tray filled with clay. There is no requirement to create something specific from the clay in each session. The aim is to allow the body to release the imprinted trauma through sensory stimulation with the clay, allowing the hands to move freely to explore, dig and create whatever the body needs to bring to the surface.

This unique therapy is used extensively throughout Europe and is included as part of school curriculum in some areas.

I am honoured to be able to bring Clay Field Therapy to my clients in Cairns to allow them to utilise this healing modality.

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapy is widely used when dealing with trauma in children due to it's gentle ability to allow the child to express their responses to the trauma, in their own time without input from the counsellor or therapist. 

By providing the child with a safe and supportive environment in which they can explore the sand tray while using miniature figurines, the child begins to express their feelings, thoughts, emotions that have been created through a traumatic event.  

They instinctively begin to share their feelings through the scenes that begin to play out in the sand tray.  Even when they cannot voice their feelings they are able to share them through sand play.

This then gives the therapist valuable insight into what the child is dealing with and allows them to provide specific therapies and support for the child. 

To find out more information or make a booking please contact Donna on 0414 480 934


"Being desperate, I wanted to try any form of therapy as long as my feeling of inadequacy or “lacking in confidence” is no longer an issue in my life. For far too long I have been “stuck in a web of insecurity and fear of rejection. 

The Clay Field therapy sessions alluding to “here and now” experiences have enabled me to regain my authentic self. In essence, phenomenologically speaking, CFT has given me back my life at the age of 56; thus, my challenge is directed towards any age group who has given up trying many different therapies out there; choose clay field therapy (CFT) before “throwing in the towel” as your last resort. As for me, I have gained self-confidence and a high self-esteem, and more importantly I now communicate in an assertive manner without any inhibitions conceivably as stumbling blocks in my life." - name withheld by request.

Our rooms are located at 9 Barlow Street, Manunda, Qld., and provide not only a private and comfortable setting for our clients, they are also extensively equipped to allow us to offer the following services to in the Cairns and Far North Queensland region :

  • Child & Adolescent Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Art Therapy 
  • Clayfield Therapy
  • Sandplay Therapy
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Personal Development Workshops

To find out more information or make a booking please contact Donna on 0414 480 934

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Brighten your day with a complimentary copy of our beautifully illustrated, "I Am Me" printable poster (RRP $9.95)