"I cannot change what has happened in someone's life, however I can change how it impacts the rest of their life"

- Donna Mahoney​

We are a Cairns based counselling and personal development service offering counselling and workshops to clients located not only within our local region, but throughout Australia and internationally.

We offer our clients a variety of services such as child and adolescent counselling, family and relationship counselling and parenting skills courses.  In addition, we also offer a range of personal development workshops and programs that can be held either in our Kewarra Beach (Cairns) rooms or at a mutually suitable location, including in-school workshops and corporate programs.

We utilise a range of modalities in our practice including, but not limited to, Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work,  Clay Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Expressive Therapies and  Initiatic Art Therapy.  Some or all of these modalities may be used dependant on each individual's needs.  

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with outcome based therapies and programs to assist them in leading fulfilled lives.  Everyone deserves the chance to live an amazing life. Our job is to empower our clients with the tools necessary to do so.​

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​"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together"

- James Cash Penney