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How to choose a Trauma Counsellor

Trauma is not just physical injury. A major part of trauma is the damage you cannot see, i.e. the emotional damage caused by a traumatic event. Being a Trauma Counsellor is a specialised area of counselling and in particular when it relates to trauma counselling for children. The techniques used, and the therapies required to support adults and […]

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Trauma Counselling Cairns

What is trauma counselling? At our Cairns practice we see clients living with a variety of conditions that have been caused through traumatic events. Trauma Counselling is a process using a variety of methods and techniques to support a client who has been through a traumatic event or has had major trauma as part of their […]

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What is Clay Field therapy?

Clay Field Therapy is part of a range of initiatic art therapies utilised by counsellors and therapists. Clay Field Therapy is widely used throughout Europe and has finally reached us here in Australia.  I am honoured to be part of the team offering Clay Field Therapy as an alternative therapy modality for both adults and children. […]

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