For parents

  • 1-2-3 magic & emotion coaching
  • taking charge of bullying

Bringing Up Great Kids is a parenting program which can assist a range of parents and carers of children at different ages. All of the programs and accompanying resources are underpinned by a philosophy of promoting and supporting respectful, caring and nurturing relationships between parents and their children. Parents and carers are encouraged to become more reflective and mindful in their parenting approach.

The Bringing Up Great Kids’ programs and resources support parents and carers to:

  • learn more about the origins of their own parenting style and how it can be more effective;
  • identify the important messages they want to convey to their children and how to achieve this;
  • learn more about brain development in children and its influence on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour;
  • understand the meaning of children’s behaviour;
  • discover how to overcome some of the obstacles getting in the way of them being the kind of parent they would like to be; and
  • discover ways for parents to take care of themselves and to find support when they need it.

Each program is divided into modules which can be run in an adaptable format over a number of weeks depending on the needs of the parents/carers who participate. It can be run individually with parents or in a group format. Each of the programs comes with a manual and all the activities and resources required to run it effectively. It also includes evaluation tools and protocols. Bringing up great kids is an evidence based program.

Above you will find details of our most popular programs for parents.  

Each of our programs can be run individually for parents that would prefer a personalised program or as a group program to suit your group's needs.

In addition, we can create a personalised program for your situation or group​.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.